I have decided to share some of the projects I'm working on here.
Too bad I didn't take pics of previous projects. :(

(6/28/2006) My new power supply came in and, of course, I gotta take it apart.
I dont like the way it's setup. It uses 12 gauge wires to transfer power to the
output terminals, yet it's rated at 52 ADC peak, 50 ADC ICS.
It did not have any way to connect decent-size wires,
so, I added them while I had it apart.
The only picture I have of it is this one of it in the back-left of my desk.
I didnt think about taking pictures while I had it apart.


Ok, I made seperate pages for projects, as I have been adding to them as I go along,
and they were starting to make this page too large.

The Buene Directional Coupler
Tuning the Galaxy DX93T
The Dynamic Speech Processor
The Slug Surgeon

Hello all. Sorry it's been so long since I've updated,
but things have been busy here the last few years.
I have started quite a few projects, have completed some,
and have pictures of a few of them.
I've decided that this is the place to put ALL my projects, not only those
that involve radio communications.

Water Pump on my lawnmower
New Radio Room (WIP)  
Radio Room Equipment (Toys)  
Courier 23
Blown D&A Phantom 9 tube
Ramsa WR-S4416 16/4/2 Mixing Console
Peavey CS400
Peavey DECA 700(s)
Nady Audio XA-900  
Tripp-Lite PR-50
4th Order Subwoofer Cabnet for Old Kicker C18a
Tascam 234
Otari MX5050ii-2
Kenwood TS-811A
Kenwood TS-711A
Kenwood TS-430s
Henry 1KD-5  
HomeBrew 5/8 Ground Plane antenna  

Today is

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