A guy I worked with asked me to look at this old radio he had at his camp.
His dad and granddad used it years ago for running dogs and other hunting activities.
I relunctly agreed, not quite sure what I was getting into. The next day, he brings
this old Courier 23, and tells me he's not sure if it even turns on anymore.

I get it home, and open it up to check it out. This is what i see....

Eeeww. So I flip it over, and see this.

Wow, so it just may work. A little surface dust on the top, but the bottom is spotless.

Well, let's plug it in and see what smokes.

Ok, so it turns on, no smoke, and it even receives signal. So far so good... but can it transmit?

Guess that answers that. 3 watts on the bird works for me. I didn't even put a screwdriver in it.
I was told the modulation was good, signal was clear, and it received quite well.

I brought it back, and told him how well it did.
He said it was the first time that radio's been turned on since the early '80's.

Another job well done.

Today is

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