** UPDATE **
Well, actually, this isn't a 'real' update, but more that I'm working to bring this page up-to-date.
All info on this page is 3 years old as of right now, and things change.
This means that the new room no longer looks like it did in these pictures.

Honestly, I don't have any updated pics to post, but just looked at this page for the first time
in years, and noticed how out of date it was.

This was the view of the new room when entering from the house.

This is the view of the new room as it is right now (23 Feb 2014).

The major equipment on my radio desk is as follows:
Old pic...       New pic...  
D&A Phantom fan, Kenwood TS-711A, 2M 85w amp (top of TS-711A), D&A Hawk, T-UG8/D-104,
P-5430, Aries A-SWR 460, Bird 43, P-5430 , MFJ-264 , 350x-Two.

Maco 75 (Not Mine - Returned 05/29/11), MFJ-260B, T-UG8/10-D, Realistic TRC-432, MFJ-259b (on top of Realistic),
Kenwood TS-811, Kenwood AT-250, Workman SK144/430, Monacor FSI-30.

Henry 1KD-5, Kenwood MC-60, Kenwood TS-711A, Kenwood TS-430, Kenwood MC-85, Kenwood PS-30.

The major equipment on my repair desk is as follows:
Old pic...       New pic...  

Miscellanous books and spare parts.

PL4-400a (x2), SiNG, PiNG, EICO 625, Miscellanous radios, catalogs, handbooks, magazines, and reference material.

Pyramid PS-52KX, TrippLite PR-4.5A, Tektronix 2236, Simpson 260, Fluke 8010A, Bird 43, Fluke 6071A.

Tripp-Lite PR-50, Courier 500D, Heathkit 3600, HP ZE-4930 (Laptop).

My audio equipment consists of the following:

Otari MX-5050Bii-2, Ramsa WR-S4416, Behringer FBQ-3102 ,Behringer MDX-2200, Behringer DSP-1200P,
NADY Audio GEQ-215, Tascam 234, Nady Audio XA-900, Peavey DECA 700(s), KLH 9915 (pair),
Ibenez SoundGear 5-string bass, Johnson 6-string electric, VLF Subwoofer, Simmons SD5K.

I cannot get a good updated pic at this time of my audio gear because of all the computer equipment
on the floor in front of it, as can be seen in the updated pic of full room.
I will get a pic later, as I get things cleared out.

Today is

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