I was given an old Henry 1KD-5 about 6 years ago that a friend of mine received it from an old estate.
It was in horrible condition.  I'm still searching for the pictures I took when I
opened it for inital inspection.

In it's original form, the 1KD-5 is an excellent amplifier, covering the 80m-10m bands.
This particular model had been butchered by some 'golden screwdriver' at some point in it's history.
The poor thing had it's input matching section ripped out (literally), gutted HV supply section,
most of the output tank butchered, and all 'extra' circuits, including HV meter circuit, AGC,
low-voltage power supply (butchered, then replaced) and power output meter circuit.

The story I was told was rather short.  The "Tech" that had it was clueless when it came to
transformers, matching networks, and capacitors.  This amp was his, and the transformer blew,
so he put in the only transformer that would fit, and made a voltage doubler (somehow), in hopes
to make it work again.  I measured ~1.9kv @ < 060Ma.  In the process, he removed
a few cap/resistor pairs in the power supply.

When I received it, things were horrible inside.  I repaired the 10m input match, all-band
output tank, HV section, and was able to rebuild most of the removed circuits.

I have found a HV transformer, and am currently waiting for the greenstamps to order it.
When I get it installed, I'll be able to power it up and see what else needs to be repaired.

I'm still looking for my first pictures of it.

Today is

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