Hello World! and Welcome to Baton Rouge Citizens Band Radio.

This site is dedicated to everyone interested in radio communications,
and all the tinkering associated with HAM/CB radio.
Please make yourself comfortable while you look around.

CB Channel 15 (27.135Mhz) is the local channel around the Greater Baton Rouge Area.
CB Channel 23 (27.255Mhz) is the local channel in the Denham Springs/Watson/Walker area.

Other CB Channels used in this area that I know of are
24 (27.245Mhz), (Local Trucking Company)
34 (27.345Mhz).

I am known as AlleyCat, and can usually be found on 23.

The "handshakes" link on the left will lead you to our handshake picture gallery.
Our latest handshake on record was on 12/31/05 and organized by Preacher Man.
We had 15 show up, and LugNut brought awesome BBQ beans and Smoked Brisket.
We also had fried catfish, and those that weren't there really missed out.

Our next handshake was scheduled for Febuary 11, 2006
I was working out of town, and I still dont know if it happened or not.

I was able to make it to the handshake/get-together for the channel 35 gang
in NorthEast Georiga on May 6, 2006.
There are pictures from that event in the handshakes gallery.
They are planning their annual fall fest for October 7, 2006, and I
would love to go again, but wont be able to make this one.
You can read more about it on Phantom's Event Page.
There's also a special thanks to me on there!

I have started a Projects page for those interested.
It can also be found in the "Miscellanous" section.

For those asking, yeah, it's kinda thin here. Not much to look at, but it's a start.
I literally threw this site together so the world will know about all the ducks
around here. I will work on adding information and other tidbits to share.
~ AlleyCat

Today is

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