I've had an old Kicker C-18a taking up space here for a while now, and wanted to put it
in a box.  I didn't want just a typical sealed enclosure, nor did I want the
'normal' ported box.  I wanted something that would sound good, have great
n low-end response, would protect the driver from outside harm, and use material I already had.
So, after a few days (weeks) of research into the different box designs, I opted on a 4th Order
enclosure, as this driver is better suited for a sealed box, and I didn't want an exposed driver.

The designed response plot is here.

After playing with the response in WinISD, I finally decided on something with decent response,
workable dimensions, and fairly easy to build.  The wood I had avalible was 4 2'x4' pieces of
White Oak 7-ply board.  They went together fairly well, and I wasn't very worried about looks
as this was really just a test design to see how well it would work.  It was my first time building
this type of enclosure, but I had it built in a day or so.
The driver is held in by 5/16" bolts, blue Loc-Tite, and teenuts.

The end product was quite impressive, and I honestly wasn't expecting the response I got from
this cabnet.  I'm not able to fully test in the shop as I'm not set up for SPL and frequency response,
but from what I hear, it is doing damn close to what WinISD plotted.

I am using a DECA 700 to drive it, crossed over at 120Hz.  I have driven it to clipping (370w)
and have very little cone movement at 25-40Hz.  The CS400 on the right is for my mids/highs.
Both amps have their own project pages which are elsewhere on my site.
The ports are 6" diameter and it is very directional, even for subwoofer frequencies.

Today is

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