How it was in 2006....

So, since Gustaf removed all my antennas for me (asshole), I haven't really been able to do
much talking from the base radios.

My G7RV is back up, but not very well at 35', and doesn't do 10/11 Meter on flat.

My Imax was broken right above the bottom coupling, 8' from the base, but still had
1.1:1 SWR and still usable...kinda.
These are the pictures I took of the Imax at the top of the tree, ~100' above grade.
It finally fell out of the tree, which left me with nothing.

I need a good vertical antenna.

I found information about a 5/8 Wave ground plane homebrew project someone did,
and decided to try it.  I can't find the link again, and all I have is my
notes from reading the page, so cannot give credit.  I didn't think about
gettin pictures of the construction (again), but I do have a few of the installed antenna.

Tuning with the ring match was easy and straightforward.
It had 1.7:1 at 27.550Mhz, and fairly flat, but I wasn't gonna leave it like that.
Moving the coax 'Hot' around the ring moved SWR down and I ended up with 1.1:1 on 27.735Mhz
and 2.1Mhz bandwidth with SWR less than 1.7:1.
That gives me decent operation on both 10 and 11 meter bands.

At ~8' from grade, it does fairly decent.
With 1 watt input, I was receiving a report of S2 from a station 8 miles away on a 72' tower.
When advanced to 20 watts, same station reported receive of S7.

I am quite happy with my new antenna.

Today is

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