I had been wanting to move all my radio equipment out of the dining room for a while now,
but had no idea where I had enough room for everything. I did, however, have an
addition (the 'new room') that dad built years ago (fall 1977), and they used for a living room
when they were here. When I moved in (after they retired and moved to shreveport) I used the
new room for mostly storage, as I started using the actual living room.

Well, it had the room I needed for what I wanted to do, so the next project was born.

It needed some serious work, including a new roof, floor, and the door needed a bit of a lift
to keep from dragging the floor. Dad and I replaced the old tin roof with 3/4 roofing plywood
and shingles, then I started on the rest. After the door was raised (which was a 14 hour project)
I was able to start on the inside.

The rear wall would be a perfect spot for a radio desk and a workbench. With a bit of minor work
it would be ready for a new life. All the current junk had to be moved out so I could run new power
service specifically for my equipment (70A total) without going thru the house breaker panel.

After removing the paneling, I ran what outlets I thought would be needed, and begin the wiring.
You can see the old original floor in these pictures. There had been 3 different carpets on this floor over
the years, and lots of glue to go with them.

The next step was to run the wiring and add insulation before covering the wall.

After the wall was finished, I put in a lamanate wood floor, and the room was used for storage again.

It would be a year before I started making my new desks.

Once I got the truck on the road again (may make a page for that later), I was able to get the wood I
needed and start on my new radio desk. I don't have any pictures of the constuction, but here is the
finished radio desk. My current 'temporary' workbench is on the right.

*UPDATE*  10/16/2010

I have mostly finished my new workbench, but did not get any pics of construction.
I was able to get it put inside today.

After I get it set up, I will be making a page for my equipment on both desks.

*UPDATE*  12/13/2010

It's taken me a while, but I finally got a few pictures of the new room after I moved my equipment.

I moved the audio equipment into the new room also, as we were running short of room.
Also, we can turn the volume up a bit more in the new room, as it's outside of the house proper.

I have made a seperate page for the equipment, for those interested.

Today is

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