I frequent eBay on the lookout for "broken" items to repair.
One fine day, I ran across an old-model mixing console that was way before it's time (circa 1990s).
The item info stated it had been sitting on the shelf of this pawn shop for years because they never could get it
to work.  It seemed to be hooked up correctly, but would not pass signal from the channels to the aux/mains.

So, because of this and the fact it has been taking up their space for so long, it had a price tag of $75 + shipping.
Well, as soon as I could click the link, it was bought.  Even if I had to put some serious work into it, this $1200 (current price)
mixer is well worth it!  Sure, it's been around since the early '90s, but Ramsa is such a sweet mixer.

OK, so I get it home, and the first thing I do is take it apart.  Very nice modular design.  Channels are grouped in 4s
so no gynormus breadboard the full width of the console.  Power supply was working great.  Well within 1% on all
4 supplies.  All cords, plugs, screws, etc, are tight.  Huh.  I don't see anything wrong with it.  Ok, let's put a signal
into it, and see what smokes.  In goes the headphones, and pull a signal from the pc.  Power on, set gains, and Volia!
No problems at all for me.  Turns out, the 'test guy' didn't know how to operate this model.  Each channel has a seperate
"ON" button, to reduce the noise floor and potential feedback from unused channels.  (S)He did not have any of them
turned on, so of course it wasn't passing signal.  It was working as designed.
Oh, so it didn't come with knobs.  Took me almost a year, but I found replacements, and it is now my home theatre/guitar
head unit, replacing my old Peavey 600s.

Here's a pic of the board opened and passing signal.

Here was the current (5 July 2010) setup in the corner of my living room.

This is the current (June 2013 ?) setup in the new room.
Slightly blurry, but the best pic i have at this time.

Today is

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