Q Signals
Much less common around here than the 10-Codes, these are usually found on SSB or skip.
Q Signal Definition
CQ General Call or Break
QRG Tell me exact frequency
QRH Does frequency vary?
QRI How is tone of transmission?(1-Good 2-Variable 3-Bad)
QRK Readability of signal is (1-Bad 2-Poor 3-Fair 4-Good 5-Excellent)
QRL Are you busy? I am busy
QRM Manmade interference
QRN Static / Natural interference
QRO Increase power
QRP Decrease power
QRQ Send faster
QRS Send slower
QRT Stop sending
QRU Do you have anything for me?
QRV Are you ready? I am ready
QRW I am calling on __ frequency
QRZ Who is calling?
QSA What is the signal strength?
QSB Are my signals fading?
QSL Acknowledge receipt
QSM Repeat last message
QSO Communicate direct or via relay
QSP Will you relay to __ ?
QSW Will you send on this frequency?
QSX Shall I switch to another frequency?
QSY Switching frequencies
QTA Cancel message
QTH Location
QTR Exact time

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